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We study the underlying role of the bag. And continually question and explore harmony of expressions that include function and the physical properties organizing form. At the same time, we analyze the characteristics of leather, the material we use. Based on the unique properties of leather, we discover the possibilities of various forms of beauty through processing methods such as joining, separating, deforming, and bonding.

Our methodology of design always involves an intrinsic question about the bag. The function of the bag is put at the center of the design to minimize the discomfort of the function while seeking the morphological beauty. Questioning the current meaningless decorations or patterns and reconsider the necessity. Through design bags that fashion consumers can love and relish, we enjoy the visual beauty of the products with consumers.

Unification, contradistinction, balance and rhythm are being put forefront which is the basic but essential form factor of beauty. Our methodology of design that combines the core elements of the design with the functional form is the finest refined minimalism.

Concept of design

  • 1 Moderation

    Boldly erase unnecessary decorations that interfere with formative balance. We perform moderation design through elements such as unification , contradistinction, color and form expressed in silhouette of product.

  • 2 Balance

    Our design reflects the function in the shape of the product in addition, aims to harmony reveals the physical properties of the leather constituting the product. The balance of design accessed through cognitive psychology maintains its independent beauty in time, place and changes of fashion.

  • 3 A property of matter

    We pursue designs that reflect a property of matter of the components consisting a product such as metal and leather. We continue to study the way in which physical property can become a component of design through processing in the most natural way.

Practice of design

  • 1 Use and research good materials.

    ROH put much effort into material selection. We use leather processed vegetable tannin. It is handled delicately from the dyeing stage to keep the characteristics of the leather well and keeps the natural pores of the surface well so that the leather can breathe itself even after the product is completed. The longer time ROH's Products made from these good materials are used the more elegant.

  • 2 It attaches importance to formative difference of 1mm.

    Based on a delicate visual design ability covering 1mm, 1px, we show sophisticated design reflecting subtle formative differences. This provides visual beauty and psychological stability to consumers.

  • 3 Made by a master craftsman.

    we manufacture products that do not lose value for a long time rather than products with short life span by collaborating with domestic craftsmen who have excellent technology. Leather productive craftsmen with a history of more than 30 years, and leather bag craftsmen much more recognized in japan work together.

  • 4 Made by specialty of designer group.

    ROH is a brand created by a group of professional designers, Studioheydey, to study planning, branding, design and marketing. In order to provide differentiated experiences to consumers from a new perspective, experts from diverse fields such as visual design, product design, furniture design, and costume design collaborate each other.

ROH designed by
studio heydey, Seoul.

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