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ROH embodies functions of objects through aesthetic thoughts and studies both individual and social roles of fashion.
The scope of study by ROH includes more than partial fields like form, function, and decoration. ROH concentrates on original purposes and meanings of objects rather than excessive trend of modern fashion centered on competition of showing and revealing. ROH would like to get away from congealed design and from cliché of manufacturing methodologies and to begin from the initial concept of fashion to establish the path loyal to functions and aesthetics. This process itself becomes designs and forms to implement the philosophy of ROH.


We study unique characteristics of materials. When the material takes a certain concrete form with these characteristics, we concentrate on functions and harmony of forms. Through processing methods like grafting, sewing, punching, and knot, we achieve various morphological beauty and concentrate on harmonic possibility with fundamental functions at the same time.

Design Concept

  • 1. Properties

    ROH pursues the design reflecting special characteristics of product elements like leather or metal. We continuously study the method to make the property itself become one of design through the most natural processing method.

  • 2. Moderation

    We question and reconsider necessity and use of decoration or patterns that are meaninglessly circulated. We decisively remove any unnecessary or impedimental decoration against morphological balance. Through forms of product silhouette, ratios, colors, contrasts, and other basic formative elements, we express the fundamental beauty.

  • 3. Balance

    We promote the harmony of product revealing properties of leather in products and fulfilling original functions of products through forms. We approach with the design of balance through cognitive psychology to maintain the beauty independent from time, space, and transition of trend.


  • 1 We use and study good materials.

    We put much effort in selection of materials. We use leather processed with vegetable tannin to well-maintain properties of leather from a dyeing stage within delicate processes. In this process, we also keep natural skin surface pore of leather for leather to be fresh even after product completion.
    Products made of such great materials gain elegance as time goes on.

  • 2 We signify even 1-mm of formative difference.

    With delicate graphic design capability to deal with 1-mm and 1-px, we make precise design to reflect the infinitesimal formative difference. Hence, we may deliver visual beauty and mental stability to customers.

  • 3 Masters make our products.

    Through collaboration with masters of Korea with excellent techniques, we make products holding values for a long time instead of industrial products with short lifespan. We are with a master of natural leather for over 30 years and a master of leather bag making well-known in Japan.

  • 4 A professional designer group makes them.

    The professional designer group Studio Heyday went through planning, branding, design, and marketing to make this brand ROH. To provide distinctive experiences to customers from new perspectives, we cooperate with experts in various fields like visual design, product design, furniture design, and clothing design.

ROH designed by
studio heydey, Seoul.

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