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With a vision of delicate & minimalism, ROH proposes a suitable product of contemporary life style, which is reinterpreted by heydey from functional fashion accessories for a long time.

ROH starts working from fundamental concept which needs to be suit functionally and aesthetically by lifestyle. We minimize design form by function and concisely express aesthetic beauty such a feeling of the finest silhouette without decorative element With a vision of delicate & minimalism.

Design Concept

  • 1 Moderation

    We design by formative elements which are color, contrast, uniformity and pure form and scale of object without decorative element and detail.

  • 2 Balance

    We reinterpret the product which is universally designed from the past and design it with wisdom of the past and keen eyes of the present.

  • 3 A property of matter

    We respect delicacy of product which has a essential sense and holds property of matter by itself. It makes unique sensible product which is made by craftsmanship.


  • 1 We research the finest material and use it.

    ROH do our best to choose material. Our product has a vegetable leather which is produced by tannin component. Vegetable leather has a natural texture and sensible color formation. Moreover, ROH adapts the leather of Bodin company from France which is used by Chanel and Hermès in the nation’s first. We have our heart in detail and finish by using of Gütermann’s thread from Germany.

  • 2 We regard minor difference as important.

    ROH designs the product to feel visual beauty and psychological stability by treating formative difference delicately, based on delicate graphic design capability which is dealing by 1mm·1px.

  • 3 It is clearly the work of master craftsman.

    With excellent master who has the best skills in the country, We make products for everlasting value instead of mass produced one.

  • 4 It is made by professional design team.

    ROH is a unique brand name made by professional design team of Studio Heydey. The team works for branding, designing, producing and marketing with new perspective.
    Continuously, they research and collaborate with a various range of experts in visual design, product design, furniture design and fashion design.

ROH designed by
studio heydey, Seoul.

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